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Security, Compliance, SEO, and Management
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Our Process

There’s more to websites than just web design.

We have a pillared approach when it comes to web management. Many small businesses know they need web help, but have no idea what type of help they need, what services they need, or where to even begin.

Let us take the guesswork out of your web management and get you focuses back on your business.

Our 4 Main Pillars of Web Management

Web Content Management

Web content management refers to all the content on your website. From blogs, pictures, text, images, forms, and maps to name a few. As your business grows the personality of your website is going to change. We manage these chanages for your in an ongoing month to month relationship.

Web Security

For our websites we utlize a firewall which scans all processes realtime and has code embedded into it to stop any malicious attack. The firewall we us has been around for 10+ years, been installed on 60,000+ websites and never been hacked. Knowing you’re secure is critical to any business. With our firewall you have peace of mind.

SEO Optimization

When you’re talking web rankings you’re talking SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This is how you site ranks for different words and phrases. For your industry we would focus on industry specific terms some more competative than others. Having a website that is not only visually stunning but technically perfect is critical to SEO.

ADA Compliance

One of the most overlooked aspects of web design is creating a site that is disability compliant. Most don’t know that you could actually be sued (depending on your vertical) for having a website that is not ADA compliant. ADA compliant sites are friendly with things like software readers that are used for individuals that are blind.

Have a Managed Peace of Mind

Other Services We Cover


Hosting With Security

In today’s modern world technology and digital security go hand in hand. When it comes to your online web management things are no different. Get the peace of mind of being secured, maintained, and updated. Be kept to the recursive edge of web security.

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Management Tools

Your vertical is unique. There is not a “one size fits all” solution when it comes to web management. We have tool packages catered to each particular vertical to maximize their respective desired online efficiency and performance. Our tools increase your time management.

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Remote Support

When it comes to support there is a certain expectation for your brand. We like to set the bar high and become the last agency you will ever need/want. We utilize email, text message, and zoom calls if desired. We can also setup a remote session (computer to computer) to go over any tools, like day to day analytics monitoring, you like.

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Stunning Web Design

Creating visually appealing websites that are designed to have great user experience, increase visit lengths, and convert for your particular vertical. No matter how you look at it web design is a critical at your brand. 90% of all first-time brand traffic now comes from the internet.

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Email Accounts

Whether you have a branded or generic email we have your email solutions covered. Every domain is served on a Microsoft Exchange server for the best security, spam filtering, and delivery. Having a secure, branded email provides a professional online communication approach.

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Monthly Reports

No matter how much any agency promises you they are only as good as what they deliver. We offer indepth reporting for things like your business listing, google and bing rankings, terms your being found for, and site audits for techical details about your website. We also cover social media statistics like reach and likes.